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The most successful urban communities today seamlessly integrate residential, retail, office, and recreational spaces. A balanced mix of uses appropriate to the community is the key to achieving 24/7 vitality.
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Town Centers

A successful town center is a destination that supports the surrounding neighborhoods that populate its civic areas and support its retail. TG+P’s town centers skillfully combine entertainment, need-based retail, and lifestyle retail with other compatible uses. Streetscapes are designed to make people feel comfortable, stay longer, and shop more; authenticity fuels the desire for consumption. We apply successful techniques to strike the right balance for each specific main-street setting. A great environment is energetic: It is composed of places where people connect easily and naturally in unexpected ways. We achieve success for our clients and simultaneously delight the consumer because we respond to the needs of multiple lifestyles in a single setting.


Combining award-winning creativity with over 60 years of experience of successful placemaking and maximizing value, Torti Gallas and Partners has unparalleled capabilities in the design of mixed-use environments. We have designed and implemented through construction over 5 million square feet of mixed-use retail/commercial in both downtown urban infill/refill and freshly-born, authentic, lifestyle locales.

Working with our Developer Partners, we provide strategic advisory to achieve the right tenant mix and adjacencies, and to promote compatibility in order to enhance economic performance. We understand the ground plane of mixed-use environments from the perspective of the developer, the tenant and the consumer, and therefore carefully plan the merchandising mix and related open spaces to achieve a “high value“ balance between the retail, entertainment and restaurant tenants, while successfully integrating an appropriate mix of office uses, public uses, and residents.


In the last century, office buildings have become symbols of economic and financial progress and have literally created city skylines around the world. They are a metric by which employment patterns and changes in the economy are measured. To achieve this desired impact, Torti Gallas utilizes an integrated project approach that includes researching existing buildings, understanding the requirements of the building users, and relating these requirements to a functional and desirable design. 

With a firm-wide commitment to designs that yield environmental, economic, and human sustainability, TG+P identifies beneficial and feasible development options that integrate sustainable horizontal and vertical construction strategies. Our designs create high-performance, energy-efficient buildings that offer owners and tenants increased user satisfaction and productivity and greater flexibility. We also employ cost-control techniques that provide us with current cost/benefit options with life-cycle cost input.


More than 60 years of design leadership in the residential market makes Torti Gallas unique among planning and design firms. Our numerous national, regional, and local awards for the design of residential and mixed-use communities attest to our understanding of the relationship of the building form to its community, as well as our focused expertise in meeting the targeted needs of each unique architectural commission. 

TG+P’s expertise includes the design of carefully crafted infill housing solutions in a mixed-use context. Torti Gallas understands the challenges and opportunities inherent in the design and construction of infill housing. We create infill communities that feel as though they have always been there—making a seamless and complementary intervention of new with existing buildings. Our proven ability to leverage the new with the existing has consistently resulted in exponential increases in the value of the overall development for our clients.


TG+P’s designs for our hotel and resort clients create unique getaway experiences. These distinctive places offer luxuries and amenities, inside and out, to pamper guests and ensure memorable experiences. The master plans and lodgings in our designs are all about relaxation and convenience. Active and passive uses are incorporated in resort destinations to leverage the natural beauty of each unique location. Our goal is to make each guest feel as though the resort’s facilities have always been there and that the visitor is part of a larger, more expansive plan for life. In designing the placement of the lodgings, the built facilities, or the layout of the grounds and activity spaces, we seek to maximize the beauty and ease-of-use of each of our resort designs.

Community Facilities

Every community needs a core, a place where neighbors can come together in the “community living room.” Such facilities offer countless benefits to residents and serve as an affordable place for people to exercise, enjoy nature, and spend time with their family and friends. 

Community facilities designed by Torti Gallas often incorporate sustainable design and materials in order to obtain LEED Certifications. Ranging from a cozy 3,000 square feet to a generous 12,000 square feet, these buildings provide a host of amenities for neighborhood residents, including a neighborhood living room (great room), business centers, fitness centers, game rooms, and children’s rooms. 

In addition, most of the community facilities have an outdoor swimming pool, outdoor living areas, generously landscaped open areas, and ample outdoor recreational facilities, including basketball and volleyball courts. The buildings’ common areas provide families, neighbors, and community groups a place to meet and interact, creating a modern version of the Town Hall.

The most successful urban communities today seamlessly integrate residential, retail, office, and recreational spaces. A balanced mix of uses appropriate to the community is the key to achieving 24/7 vitality.

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