Lyon Place at Clarendon Metro

Arlington, VA
Lyon Place at Clarendon Metro showcases the mixed-use, smart growth and historic preservation that neighbors want in Clarendon

Lyon Place at Clarendon Center is a vibrant, two block mixed-use infill development that has transformed the area surrounding the Clarendon Metro Station in Arlington, Virginia. The LEED NC Certified south block building contains residential, office, retail and parking in a 12-story building. The first floor retail is anchored by a Trader Joe’s supermarket. The north block is LEED C&S Silver certified and contains office, retail and parking in a 6-story building. Landscape amenities include a crescent plaza on the northeast corner, paving detail at the office entry, a second floor courtyard and streetscape elements throughout. Two existing buildings on these blocks have been preserved as historic: the Underwood Building and the Old Dominion Building.

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project data

96,610 sf site

521,200 sf floor area

244 residential units

South Block

38,333 sf retail

83,579 sf office

238,901 sf residential

471 parking spaces

LEED Certified

North Block

15,725 sf retail

97,860 sf office

129 parking spaces

LEED Silver Certified

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