Gas Worx W2

Tampa, FL

Gas Worx is a new, walkable community in the Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa, Florida. The architecture of the neighborhood has a rich history rooted in its industrial past. Torti Gallas has designed the site and the building based on the principles of walkability, privacy, and historical significance. East 4th Avenue, north of Block W2, is activated by the retail on the first floor of this building and the adjacent building. This is highlighted at the corner of 4th and Nuccio Parkway with an outdoor terrace that also engages the public at the street level. Passersby get a glimpse of the internal courtyard at this location, but privacy is maintained by using both landscaping elements and the change in grade. The location of the building is unique due to a portion of it being within the historical Barrio Latino District and the majority being outside of it. The 4th Avenue elevation, within the Barrio Latino District, emphasizes its history with its central brick form, metal balconies on the upper floors, and expansive storefront on the first floor. The cohesiveness of the building design is maintained with the use of the metal balconies throughout, but the transition to stucco on the building elevations marks the area outside of the historical district. Torti Gallas maintains the “street face” of the building by wrapping a single-loaded corridor of residential units around a central garage on each floor.

The development’s amenities are at street level except for a private roof terrace on the corner of 4th and Nuccio which overlooks the terrace below and the planned central garden across Nuccio which will be constructed during a later phase. The internal courtyard features an in-ground pool flanked by well-defined seating and activity areas. These areas, signified by landscaped perimeters and trellis shading devices have direct access from the clubroom and co-working spaces on the interior. Unique paving patterns define smaller, private gathering areas throughout the courtyard.

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• 379 residential units

• 26,000 SF of retail

• 482 parking spaces (above grade)

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