Retail + Placemaking

Our approach to Placemaking employs experts from all aspects of “Place Design” - from retail strategists and brand designers to architects and planners, signage and lighting designers and landscape architects.

By definition Placemaking is the art of capitalizing on a community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well being. One might also argue, Placemaking increases quality of life and life experiences.

As Torti Gallas + Partners embarks on the next phase of our evolution, Architects of a Better World, featuring Placemaking as an expertise and added value to our communities, neighborhoods, cities, and our clients seems an appropriate response to our new brand position. Our core competencies center on betterment - from catalyst projects that transform entire neighborhoods and districts to thoughtful repair and densification of our first ring suburbs. Our cultural beliefs already align with Placemaking principles.

Real Estate Strategies
Virtual Reality Deliverables
Storefront Signage Criteria
Tenant Signage Design Criteria
Owner Budgeting
Material Selection
Collaboration with Base Building Architects
Historical Research
Renderings and Marketing Collateral
Façade Branding Strategy
Jurisdictional Approvals
Site Signage
Building Lighting
Architectural Branding
Public Artwork
Project Programming Design Studies
Tenant Storefront Criteria
Market Research
Facilitation Workshops
Due Diligence and Historical Research
Urban Design
Master Planning
Conceptual Design
Architectural Design
Our communities don’t just bring people together - they connect futures.

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