State Street Village

Redlands, California

State Street Village represents a critical portion of the redevelopment of the existing and underutilized Redlands Mall site within the Downtown area of the City of Redlands.   This project is one of several building blocks that make up the State Street Village by replacing the mall with an extension of the existing downtown and creating an energetic new district.

This new block has residential over retail on three sides and commercial on the fourth.  A parking garage is wrapped by the residential, retail and commercial components.  Through the use of a variety of exterior finishes and architectural styles, this new block forms a strong relationship to the existing downtown and becomes a critical defining part of the new State Street Village.

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project data
2.2 acres site
110 dwelling units
49,500 sf retail
12,000 sf commercial
527 space parking garage

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Building Information Modeling
Conceptual Design
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