On Juneteenth, and every day, Torti Gallas + Partners stands with those who promote and encourage unity and equity.  We stand with those who speak out against oppression and discrimination.  We stand with and join those who move to embrace change, allowing all to be treated equally without regard to color of skin, heritage, orientation or religious beliefs.

To be Architects of a Better World we must listen to, understand and support each other, speak out against racism in any form and anywhere, and work towards change that will bring about a more equitable world. There is still much work to do. Torti Gallas + Partners is committed to doing that work

Architects of a
Better World.

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Mike Rollison
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The work of Torti Gallas + Partners is about making the most beautiful things out of the simplest clay.
With a passion for architecture, urban design and placemaking, Torti Gallas + Partners designs places and buildings that quietly transform cities, suburbs and people, making the most beautiful things out of the simplest clay.
We create a world
that is more liveable for everyone.
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Torti Gallas + Partners is committed to using architectural innovation and master planning expertise to create exceptional places that satisfy current needs and act as catalysts of sustainable progress.
Torti Gallas + Partners award-winning architects and master planners, urban designers, sustainability experts, construction administrators and community facilitators are all ready to put their heads together for your next project.
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