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It takes more than a group of buildings to make a neighborhood. It takes purposeful planning to create a place that nurtures civic life. We believe that creating great neighborhoods is not only possible... it’s essential.
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Combining award-winning creativity with over 69 years of experience creating successful placemaking destinations, Torti Gallas + Partners has unparalleled capabilities in the design and development of built environments.

Torti Gallas + Partners’ approach to creating great places in our communities is based on the strategic employment of Placemaking design principles. We firmly believe great places are those where people want to live, work, shop and play – places that enliven, inspire and entertain their residents and guests. To that end, our goal is to create pedestrian-oriented, walkable, amenity-rich neighborhoods that provide the framework for enriching experiences, social engagement, and patron ownership. 

Torti Gallas + Partners brings together teams of experts in Placemaking visioning and Placemaking Design to access, identify and design all aspects of the destination. Our integrated and highly collaborative teams focus on retail strategies, brand design, urban design, architectural design, and landscape design to create a holistic “place” aimed at offering unique and appropriate solutions for the given market, demographics, and location. All team experts play important roles in the collaborative process and inform decision making based upon the client’s underlying development goals and brand positioning – from developing the project name and logo to identifying the appropriate retail tenant mix, to streetscape and amenity planning, to landscape and lighting design, to building design.

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