Redlands Downtown Specific Plan

Redlands, CA
The Plan included a mix of uses intended to promote a pedestrian-friendly 24-hour mixed-use atmosphere with a variety of residential possibilities.

The focus of the Redlands Core Block Area Study was to create an inspiring, strategic vision for downtown Redlands by coordinating, harmonizing, and closely linking future private and public projects.  To this end, Torti Gallas coordinated a design workshop intended to raise key issues relative to this critical and central downtown site in preparation for a larger, city-wide master planning effort.

Numerous urban concepts were investigated not only to develop a prioritized set of short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals, but also to explore a variety of funding and phasing strategies for this site.  Each concept included a mix of uses intended to promote a pedestrian-friendly 24-hour atmosphere including a small hotel, movie theater addition, office and retail space, and a variety of residential possibilities.

These strategies were supported by a locally-funded central parking structure which provided parking for the existing land uses as well as new potential development.  Because of this arrangement, each of the new uses could front on to public streets, and, in turn, create a visually aesthetic yet functional urban center.  Additionally, through the division of the site into smaller, more walkable blocks and through the location of a public plaza bordered by a mix of uses, the comprehensive Core Block strategy serves as a model for the urban revitalization of its adjacent neighborhoods.

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project data
4 block, 6 acre site
42,000 sf of residential
100-room hotel
50,000 sf of retail
movie theater addition
mixed-use development

Architectural Design
Code Analysis
Community / Stakeholder Meetings
Conceptual Design
Condition Assessment Survey
Feasibility / Yield Analysis
Master Planning
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