Aertson Midtown

Nashville, TN
Covering nearly two acres, the expansive project includes several mixed-use components.

Situated adjacent to the northeast entrance of Vanderbilt University, the Aertson Midtown mixed-used project provides a dynamic and vibrant gateway to Nashville¹s 21st Street commercial corridor.  Covering nearly two acres, the expansive project includes several mixed-use components. A 118,000 SF, 6-story hotel wraps the parking garage on the lower levels. The hotel features a porte cochere drop-off area and an 8,000 SF ground floor lobby. 430,000 SF of residential multi-family apartments sit above

the parking garage and hotel. The residential program is divided between the two towers, with each having a distinct identity and separate entrances. The retail is a critical aspect of enlivening 21st Street and encouraging an inviting pedestrian environment. The majority of the ground floor is occupied by retail, including a 19,000 SF space for a market. The central ground floor plaza provides a public open space and cafe seating, as well as access to covered parking.

The massing and architectural language of the building sensitively break down the expansive length of the site into a contextually appropriate scale, giving the appearance of multiple buildings composing one block. Dormers, mansard roofs, bays and balconies strengthen the sense of character and local identity of the place, unmistakably identifying the project with the great city of Nashville and the neighboring historic Vanderbilt University.

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project data

1.77 acres

600,000 sf building area

430,000 sf residential

118,000 sf hotel

38,000 sf retail

swimming pool

parking garage

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