The cornerstone of what we do, housing is where we got our start—literally the foundation of our business. Housing design involves much more than just covering four walls with a roof.
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Torti Gallas is one of the nation’s leading planners and architects of affordable housing. To date, we have designed over 40,000 affordable and workforce housing units that are built and occupied. We have become a leader in this field by listening to residents, community stakeholders, and clients to understand the needs of residents, and by balancing those needs with budgetary realities. Our designs strive to create housing for low-income residents that is as attractive as the inter-mixed market-rate housing, making the overall community a highly valued place to live.

Mixed Income

It is generally agreed that concentrating low-income housing in dense, urban areas is largely ineffective. With the inception of the HOPE VI Program – and now the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other Inclusionary Zoning Programs has come the idea of mixed-income housing communities as an attractive alternative to isolated low-income housing developments. Balanced, mixed-income developments provide housing for low-income and assisted households, while also offering workforce and market rate housing options, contributing to the diversity and stability of American communities. 

To achieve successful mixed-income communities, Torti Gallas’ work proceeds by discerning the wants and needs of the community through an analysis of the proper forms of housing and the desired mix of incomes of both renters and homeowners, and determining the economic and social support structures needed. Using this approach, Torti Gallas has designed tens of thousands of mixed-income housing units in communities throughout the United States. Our goal in all of our mixed-income communities is to create consistently high quality housing that offers a “Community of Choice” for people of all incomes.


Torti Gallas + Partners has singular experience and recognized excellence in community-driven placemaking for student and faculty housing. In designing homes for college campuses, comprehensive plans for the homes, facilities, utilities, streets, and transportation are critical parts of our work. We first identify what already exists.... The word first highlighted in red shows up as funny characters on the site.

In addition to, and in some cases in conjunction with, our affordable housing communities, Torti Gallas has designed workforce-housing neighborhoods. Our workforce housing is generally intended for individuals and families earning below their area median income (AMI) and is targeted at “essential workers” in a community: teachers, medical professionals, firefighters, and police. We have designed award-winning workforce housing on the campuses of several major U.S. universities and as part of large, inner-city revitalizations.

Market Rate

From ultramodern to traditional designs, Torti Gallas creates unique market rate housing solutions that reflect and enhance the character and context of its surrounding community. Whether the commission requires carefully crafted infill or pioneer buildings in greenfield areas, our goal is to create maximum value for our clients, the future residents, and the communities they inhabit. 

We seek to design buildings and places that people will be proud to call home, no matter where they come from or where they’re going. Our sustainable housing designs help our projects stand the test of time, allowing TG+P housing developments to serve as the backbones of new communities.

Senior Living

From Active Adult to Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Torti Gallas understands the special needs and unique considerations of each of these levels of care and lifestyle. We have designed over 10,000 senior residential units and dozens of communities that offer these various levels of living. In all cases, we put people first in creating master plans, homes, and facilities that support their needs. 

Today’s seniors are looking for homes, services, facilities, and amenities that promote healthy and active lifestyles and allow them to “age in place.” They are looking for active, mixed-use communities that create full-life experiences and healthy lifestyles while also providing them with the services and facilities that may be necessary as they age. 

Continuing Care Retirement Communities offer the full range of sought-after senior housing options. From independent living for active seniors, to more health-based models for seniors needing more assistance with their daily needs, it is important to offer seniors the most independent options they can manage. In all cases, social connections and activities are key elements of providing desirable and high-quality environments that promote healthful living. These communities are replete with convenient and easily accessible activities, services, and amenities that meet the evolving physical, medical, and social needs of each resident.


Combining award-winning creativity with over 60 years of successful placemaking and maximizing value, Torti Gallas + Partners is unparalleled in the design and development of luxury residential and mixed-use environments. Our decades of design leadership in consistently bringing value to our clients and to the people who live, work, shop, and play in our communities distinguish us among planning and design firms. Our numerous national, regional, and local awards for residential design attest to our understanding of the relationship of the building form to its community, as well as our focused expertise in meeting the targeted needs of each distinct architectural commission.

The cornerstone of what we do, housing is where we got our start—literally the foundation of our business. Housing design involves much more than just covering four walls with a roof.

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