Murphy Antoine

"We revel in the joy and responsibility of envisioning and implementing places of beauty, opportunity and justice that shape a better world."

Mr. Antoine is the President of Torti Gallas and Partners, where his work focuses on the inextricable link between architecture, urban design and planning in lower density neighborhoods and communities. His efforts to implement housing policy and market response through appropriate and contextual architecture and neighborhood planning have manifested themselves nationwide in over seventy greenfield and revitalization projects during his tenure at Torti Gallas. 

Mr. Antoine’s career has culminated in an urban design, planning and architecture expertise that has been honored with numerous national design awards. Mr. Antoine is a Registered Architect, a Certified Planner, and LEED Accredited Professional. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and Masters Degrees in Architecture and Urban and Environmental Planning, all from the University of Virginia.

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