Washington, DC

Located in Capitol Hill, Boneval is an elegant 40-unit condominium building designed to blend into the character of the surrounding rowhouse neighborhood. The largest residential historic district in the District of Columbia, Capitol Hill is composed of rowhouses of various styles and periods which sit side-by-side, forming a continuous wall broken only by street intersections. The idea of an idiosyncratically assembled street wall informed the design of Boneval in two distinct pieces. The first mass steps down a story at the C Street end to be compatible with three story, bay front rowhouses along the street.  This portion has beautifully corbeled brick arches and bay windows which adorn this Romanesque-inspired façade.  A recess around the front entry creates a formal front yard and accentuates the boldly rusticated building entry. The second, larger building mass is in the neoclassical style and steps up along the broader 8th Street. The light building palette contrasts with the richer brick of the shorter mass, emphasizing juxtaposition of the two styles.   Attention to detail and careful sensitivity to the neighborhood makes it quite challenging to see where the new building stops and the historical rowhouses start.  This reweaving of street fabric was essential to the project’s success.  Impeccable detailing is found in the wrought iron fencing - with finials, collars and authentic joinery - which wraps the stepped down portion, and is almost identical to the ironwork of the adjacent 19th century rowhouses.  Sensitive attention was also given to the handrails of the secondary entrance, which use highly-decorated, minor and major wrought iron newel posts and wrought iron rails with collar accents, taking their cues from the surrounding rowhouses.   This effort has created a modern-day historical jewel, providing a backdrop to a rejuvenated street where residents can stroll and enjoy the history of this beloved neighborhood.

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40,000 sf building
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4 stories + penthouse
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