PATH Villas at South Gate

South Gate, California

Torti Gallas was part of PATH Ventures’ team for the development of supportive housing for military veterans, and men and women with fragile health who are moving out of homelessness. It is made of up 60 residential units, offices, community rooms and outdoor spaces. The building provides both public and private outdoor spaces - the courtyard acts as an outdoor living room, with seating, tables and gardening areas, while each apartment has its own private outdoor deck. Residents can choose to join neighbors in the courtyard or simply enjoy their own private outdoor space.

Located on a light industrial street, the Villas at South Gate takes its cues as to scale and materiality from the nearby buildings. At the front, the four-story building steps down to three and uses corrugated metal cladding, allowing it to feel part of the light industrial area, while clearly being residential. The front mass is broken down into smaller volumes creating the feel of a series of buildings rather than one larger building. The building is landscaped throughout with drought tolerant plants, all intended to soften the exterior and add to the streetscape.

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