Fort Belvoir Family Housing

Fort Belvoir, VA
“ We will bring soldiers the best standard of living anywhere.”

With the exception of the historic and historically significant homes, and the 217 homes being revitalized currently at Dogue Creek Village, all the existing houses at Fort Belvoir have exceeded their useful life and no longer provide comfortable, functional homes for residents which are comparable to homes in the local area market. All of these obsolete houses are being torn down and replaced with new homes that have modern features, high quality materials and amenities that exceed military and market standards.

These new homes are larger than current standards for military and private sector housing and are designed to take advantage of the beautiful rolling terrain of northern Virginia and the scenic views along the Potomac River. Contemporary floor plans with 9 foot high first floor ceilings and ample windows encourage family activities both inside and in the private outside space. To enhance the connection of the families to the outdoors, each house is designed with patios at the rear, accessible from the family rooms via sliding doors or French doors.

Each village at Fort Belvoir has its own consistent style of architecture to reinforce the unique character of the community. Whether Colonial, Georgian or Colonial Revival, each home within the village has distinct features, with different architectural details and treatments, materials, colors, rooflines, etc., to reinforce the unique identity that each family has with the place they call “home”.

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family housing revitalization

1,630 new residential units

renovation of 178 historic homes

mix of 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units

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sport courts and playfields

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