Upstairs San Marco

Jacksonville, FL
Iconic design features announce the destination from various pedestrian and vehicular approaches. From the new marquee sign on Atlantic Boulevard to the iconic “sawtooth” industrial roof line, the inspiring design is memorable and experiential.

Upstairs San Marco is a vibrant new destination offering panoramic rooftop views of Downtown Jacksonville.  While much of the existing district is comprised of small shops and cafes, this important site will offer the neighborhood a full-size grocery store. This anchor will not only bring value to the district, it will also bring additional opportunity - opportunity to create a “hub”.

Nowhere else in San Marco can one dine on a roof deck under soft Tivoli lights while taking in the Downtown Jacksonville view. San Marco is all about small town charm in a metropolitan city.  Torti Gallas’ design creates a one-of-a-kind, best-in-class retail development appropriate for the site and neighborhood context. 

The TG+P solution addresses the need for the design to “blend in” to the existing historic character of the site while “standing out” as a new gateway. The architectural solution does not try to visually replicate the existing “downtown” but rather complement it by taking an Adaptive Reuse approach to the design solution.

A mix of building materials provides a rich palette of durable materials including masonry and stone, painted steel structural elements, wood siding, and architectural metal panels. The collection of shop designs is meant to be casual and eclectic while offering a fantastic experience.

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project data
2.9 acres
41,560 SF grocer anchor
19,640 SF of in-line retail
243 parking spaces

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Conceptual Architectural Design
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