Salishan Revitalization

Tacoma, WA
The final 91 homes built at Salishan (Salishan 7) have been certified as LEED Homes (H) Platinum.

Salishan is a neighborhood on the East Side of Tacoma,Washington. Built in the early 1940’s, the Salishan neighborhood provided temporary housing for ship workers during WorldWar II. Throughout a week-long charrette process, Torti Gallas worked with the residents and community stakeholders of Salishan, to develop a master plan and unit designs appropriate for the mixed-income and mixed-tenure needs of the community. The site holds several unique features including a 30 acre wildlife-rich gulch that bisects the site into two halves. A network of bio retention swales capture and naturally filter rainwater on site in this "Low Impact" development.

Salishan’s special atmosphere is also evident in the spirit of its diverse cultural blend of residents. This ethnic diversity, strong love of the community, and social empowerment guided the neighborhood’s revitalization efforts.

In addition to a stronger social and economic base, the plan provides a new town center, complete with retail shops, a fire station, university teaching space, senior congregate care, and additions to existing amenities. Most important to this town center is a public forum and open air market.

The final 91 homes built at Salishan (Salishan 7) have been certified as LEED Homes (H) Platinum.

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project data
250 acre site
mixed-income community
1,278 residential units
rental and homeownership
village center/community center/ retail space
one-for-one replacement public housing
$35 million HOPE VI Grant
91 LEED-H Platinum homes
low-impact development with network of bio retention swales
 protects salmon habitat
restores natural water features
minimizes impervious surfaces
91% stormwater capture
native landscaping for water infiltration

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