Coast Highway Master Plan

Oceanside, CA
"Reborn as a great urban space...Coast Highway celebrates and reflects the City's ocean-side location, culture, diversity and community spirit"

The Coast Highway Vision and Strategic Plan created a transit-oriented urban design plan linking economic development and environmental sustainability to revitalize historic Coast Highway 101 to encourage new investment to the area, with visitor serving amenities and enhanced recreation areas along the San Luis Rey River Area, Loma Alta Creek, and the Pacific Coast.

Torti Gallas led workshops and intensive visioning exercises during two, week-long charrettes with community members and stakeholders to create an inspiring downtown ‘Main Street’ with two transit-oriented mixed-use neighborhoods, a new harbor hospitality/entertainment node, a vibrant Arts & Technology District, and design guidelines to preserve the unique beach character of the neighborhoods. All aspects of the plan were the direct result of feedback gathered during the charrettes and the iterative design process.

The Vision Plan promotes Smart Growth development through design interventions and streetscaping, including a road diet with landscaped medians and roundabouts, new bike lanes, walking trails, and transit nodes, a re-configured street grid for improved walkability, reformed parking policies, and development incentives.

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410 residential units

100 timeshare units

170,000 sf commercial

954 hotel rooms

411,650 sf retail

Community / Stakeholder Meetings
Code Analysis
Conceptual Architectural Design
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