Istanbul, Turkey
Bahcesehir shows that the inexorable growth pressures on global cities can be shaped into beautiful and authentic livable towns.

At the boundary of the Esenyurt Municipality, north of the TEM motorway in Greater Istanbul, the emphasis at Phase 2 of Bahçesehir is on creating well defined public sequences that capitalize on the dramatic topography of the site; a solution resulting after rigorous site analysis. A piazza at the base of the valley serves as the commercial and civic center of the town. A pedestrian stair defined by parks and water sequences connects this plaza to the hilltop where an overlook park framed by towers serves as a symbolic gateway to Istanbul. Along the way, this sequence links a nursery school, a high school, playing fields, the source of the water sequence in a paradise garden, fountain courts, a water stair and plaza fountain.

The housing, designed specifically for this dramatic terrain, captures the natural breezes created by the topography. Living units employ natural ventilation, while affording spectacular views of the town and countryside. The steep terrain has allowed for unique designs that use the buildings as retaining walls to accommodate parking, including terraced and tuck­under garages.

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170 acre site

160 villas

460 attached villas

300 stacked villas

1,400 apartment units

10,000 sm of commercial, retail, office

6-theater cineplex

220 car garage under square

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