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Hyattsville, Maryland

Located within the 25-acre Belcrest Mixed-use Redevelopment area, and mere steps from the Prince George’s Plaza Metro Center, Alterra Building 7 Apartments continues the revitalization and transformation of Hyattsville, Maryland. The development includes a mix of studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom residences along with a single retail tenant. There are two large internal courtyards: the West Courtyard, where one can swim, relax, play, learn, and gather with friends; and the East Courtyard, where one can read and partake in quiet activities. Partially wrapping a parking structure and fully enclosing two large courtyards, the building has frontage along all of its perimeter. The north side, with garage exposure, uses the same window proportions as adjacent residential buildings, maintaining an appropriate scale.

The façades engage the use of double- and triple-wide openings, ensuring a rhythmic interplay with bays and varying materials. All four building façades are clad in natural color brick and neutral, yet complementary, colored cement board panels.  Breaking down the otherwise large mass appearance of the building are projecting bay windows and shallow French balconies. These components enrich the vertical expression and alleviate the strong horizontal massing by enhancing the human scale and character of the building. Roof lines articulate the varying heights of bay windows, building bays and towers.

This development capitalizes on new and recently developed projects within an established area of Prince George’s County, Maryland, as well as the potential economic and livability energy that rejuvenation brings.

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329 residential units
471 parking spaces
8,000 SF of amenities
1,200 SF leasing office
1,500 SF of retail

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