Bodrum Resort Village

Bodrum, Turkey
The Resort Village at Bodrum is a picturesque village modelled on the many hillside villages of Provence, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, the Greek Islands, and the coast of Turkey itself.

Bodrum is designed to be a family resort offering the finest of resort style living - family friendly, comfortable, secure, and amenity rich. The village contains a varied housing program that includes villas, ‘duplex’ townhouses, ‘simplex’ apartments and hotel rooms, and an amenity program that includes clubhouse facilities, swimming pools, a sand beach, sport courts, cultural facilities, convenience retail, boardwalks and cabanas, a sailing club and many restaurants and bars.

The homes are designed for combined indoor and outdoor living. The large, open ‘great room’ living and dining spaces open onto expansive terraces with trellised pools and gardens. The terraces offer wonderful places to relax and take in the views to the sea and the surrounding coastal areas. The homes seem to be rooted in place and grow out of the hillside in an organic manner. The buildings’ materials offer rich textures and natural colors; stone and stucco are prevalent and accented with window trim, sunshades, and trellises painted Bodrum Blue and Seafoam Green. The overall impression is that the village has been there forever.

The Bodrum Resort Village is currently under construction.

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196 duplex townhouses

116 simplex apartment flats

71 villas

50-room luxury hotel

water views

tennis and basketball courts

Zen pavilion and garden

silent and infinity pools

spa and fitness

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