Campus Town Specific Plan

Seaside, CA
The resulting Specific Plan is based upon a new urbanist paradigm, characterized by pedestrian amenity, a flexible mix of uses, networked thoroughfares and well-designed public spaces.

Torti Gallas + Partners was commissioned by the City of Seaside to create a highly sustainable and implementable TOD plan, undertake a corridor study, and create a new form-based zoning ordinance that included architectural design regulations.

The 85-acre site is envisioned as a walkable, mixed-use community that serves the needs of residents and visitors alike. Campus Town is designed to capitalize on the positive momentum of existing and emerging local developments throughout the former Fort Ord. Bolstered by the continued growth of California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) along with ongoing public infrastructure improvements across Monterey Bay, Campus Town connects and expands upon these nodes of activity by creating a vibrant network that links and supports the region at large. The site connects with the Main Gate development in the northwest and with CSUMB’s 6th Street hub in the northeast, thus extending the economic opportunities throughout Campus Town and beyond.

Torti Gallas also led a week-long public charrette to maximize optimal community engagement.

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project data
85 acre site
1485 residential units
75 room youth hostel
150,000 sf retail
50,000 sf light industrial, flex, office or "maker space"
250 room hotel
Community / Stakeholder Meetings
Code Analysis
Conceptual Architectural Design
Feasibility / Yield Analysis
Master Planning
Corridor Studies
Form-Based Codes
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