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News & Events
June 6, 2018

reBirth: Washington DC 50 Years after 1968

Torti Gallas is proud to be a featured contributor to the exhibit "reBirth: Washington DC 50 Years after 1968" at the District Architecture Center. Running from April 2 - June 1st, reBirth documents the rebuilding of corridors in Washington, DC impacted by the 1968 riots and looks at architecture's role in the city's "rebirth" after the devastation. 

A number of Torti Gallas projects are part of the exhibit, including our 4 buildings at Columbia Heights: Kenyon Square, Highland Park, Victory Heights and Park Triangle. Columbia Heights was historically an ideal mixed-use neighborhood with a thriving retail core and elegant arts and entertainment.  The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 ignited riots in Columbia Heights which left many buildings and businesses damaged or destroyed and within 5 years the core of the community was mostly vacant buildings and unoccupied land. These four buildings edplay a major role in the reshaping of  the neighborhood, helping to restore it to its previous grandeur.

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Laurie Milligan,
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