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News & Events
July 18, 2017

Torti Gallas + Partners Launches New Brand

Torti Gallas + Partners is committed to constantly evolving. The World has changed and brought us more complex, mixed-use projects and an expanded geographical footprint. This evolution has expanded our points of view, and made us realize how important People are to our success. Our clients, community stakeholders, municipal officials, and residents – all coming together to deliver on the Promise of Partnerships to create buildings and places where individuals and communities thrive. As we shift from ‘Architects of Community’ to ‘Architects of a Better World’ we realize that it’s not just what we create – it’s what we do to get there. So “+” Partners becomes the focus with a bigger commitment to People and the Relationships we form. And that extends beyond our professional partners to also encompass the People who will Live, Work, Shop and Play in the buildings and communities we create. Our logo mark is the plan of a Renaissance town in Italy. It represents our commitment to honoring the inextricable relationship between our designs and the people who use them now and in the future. We are passionate about improving people’s lives. In this new chapter, we have built the Firm with the right people and skills to effect positive change for our clients and the world we live in.

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