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March 1, 2023

Torti Gallas 2022 Promotions!!

Torti Gallas + Partners is pleased to announce the following promotions:

• Felix Deloatch and Brandon Diamond, NCARB have been named Associate Principals. Mr. Deloatch directs the firm’s Tampa office. Mr. Diamond is a Design Director in the firm’s Retail + Placemaking Studio.

• Omer Mushahwar has been named Director of Operations.

• Mark Bombaugh, Allen Cowling, Jonathan Fisher and David Stembel, AIA have been named Directors. Mr. Bombaugh is the Director of Design, Village Segment; Mr. Cowling is the Director of Implementation, Village Segment; Mr. Fisher is the Director of Visualization and Design, Retail + Placemaking Studio; and Mr. Stembel is the Director of Affordable Housing, Village Segment.

• Christopher Jonick has been named a Senior Equity Director. Mr. Jonick is a Design Leader in Torti Gallas’ Los Angeles office.

• Molly Kalk, Melih Kutluer, Lori Lin, Jose Pagan, Andrew Shumway and Sweta Thanki-Pandey have been named Associates.

Congratulations to all!!

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