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News & Events
August 5, 2019

Tom Gallas and Felix Deloatch at the FRA Annual Conference!!

Tom Gallas and Felix Deloatch were featured speakers at the 2018 Florida Redevelopment Association's Annual Conference in Fort Myers, Florida! Tom and Felix, along with Jon Ward, the Executive Director of the West Palm Beach CRA, presented “Key Elements of a Successful Neighborhood Transformation” detailing some of Torti Gallas' transformative work around the country and particularly in the State of Florida.

Torti Gallas’ vision to create a better world is deeply grounded in strategic and innovative know-how. We are proud to say that our passion for improving lives has been incorporated into the designs of over 485,000 residential units and over 1,800 residential and mixed-use and mixed-income communities around the world. Torti Gallas has been designing transformative, affordable and mixed-income communities in Florida since 1997. These residential and mixed-use communities include over 15,000 units and over 1 million sf of retail that have been catalysts for future development projects as well.

Great job Tom and Felix!!

Click here to view the Torti Gallas Transformation Brochure.

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