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News & Events
July 17, 2019

Omer Mushahwar Speaks at Autodesk University 2018!

Torti Gallas' Director of Information Technology, Omer Mushahwar, along with Daniel Biagi of AEC Resources, led a roundtable discussion at the recent 2018 Autodesk University in Las Vegas. Their session, titled "Relearning How to Share!", explored how we share data across projects, offices, companies and clients. The session also discussed multiple strategies for sharing data, and asked individuals about what they use in their firms, what roadblocks have come up based on sharing firm knowledge and standards, and what new tools have recently started to become standard. The class was targeted toward project managers, CAD managers, and IT folks, who are all part of the data-sharing stream.

It was so popular when first announced that they had to add a second session!

Thanks for representing TG+P so well, Omer!

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