Felix Deloatch

Associate Principal, Director Florida Operations
"I feel a sense of purpose and honor in what we do. We formulate a vision for a project that is long lasting, seamless with its surroundings, and beautiful in its delivery.  It is a big responsibility, but I enjoy it tremendously."

Mr. Deloatch is an Associate Principal and Director ofFlorida Operations at Torti Gallas. Throughout his career, he has gainedextensive experience working with both small and large scale projects in avariety of building and construction types. This work has ranged fromsmall-budget university facility renovations to multi-million dollar newconstruction. His role at Torti Gallas involves direct interaction with theClient and consultants as the project team leader working to meet fiscal andconstruction milestones.  His recent workhas focused on large and complex mixed-use buildings usually including acombination of residential, retail, office and parking.

Mr. Deloatch has experience in resilient design, not onlyas it relates to climate change or natural disasters in coastal areas, but alsoin terms of economic and social equity resilience. The development of newaffordable housing in a once blighted neighborhood; the revitalization of anempty downtown into a thriving destination - both of these are examples ofresilient design that correspond with Mr. Deloatch’s philosophy that allcommunities should have a design identity that is sustainable, yet evolving.

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