Brian O'Looney

"We take pride in arriving at great design solutions that are not ego driven but rather community driven. As such, our projects only get better as they age."

Mr. O’Looney serves as principal designer for many notable TG+P mixed-use, transit-oriented projects. For more than 20 years, he has
programmed, planned, and designed a variety of technically complex building types that seamlessly integrate a mix of uses. Mr. O’Looney is a
leader in creating innovative housing grounded in the economics of construction and the marketability of building designs. Additionally, he
guides the design for many of the firm’s award-winning transit-oriented development projects and serves as the principal designer for a number
of the firm’s current walkable urban building and planning projects.

After receiving his BA from Yale University in 1990, Mr. O’Looney earned his Master of Architecture degree at the University of Wisconsin in
1994. He is a Registered Architect in Washington, DC; Maryland; and Connecticut.

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