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The Value of Time and Place

Mike Rollison

Our planning and design teams focus on urban design solutions that improve quality of life.

As Architects of a Better World, Torti Gallas + Partners is committed to creating successful places within our communities – places we want to go when we have choices of how we celebrate our moments of freedom.

Time is precious. Days and weeks fly by and you wonder where the time goes. Similar to disposable income, it can be said that we have disposable time – the hours remaining after work, soccer practices, household duties, and other weekly commitments. This disposable time is hard to come by these days but we all strive to maximize our free time and celebrate these rare moments of freedom. The question we often ask ourselves is, “Where should we go?” to take advantage of our disposable time.

Decisions we make are now more than ever based on “Place”.  Where we live, shop, dine, relax and enjoy life are the places offering the best experiences and atmosphere - great food, great shops, community events, social engagement, inviting parks and so on. At Torti Gallas + Partners our approach to creating successful places begins with planning for successful outcomes. We believe walkable places are better. Studies have found walkable places perform better economically because these places are highly sought after due to a multitude of advantages – more choices, more amenities, better experiences, lower transportation costs and healthier lifestyles to name a few. 

Our planning and design teams focus on urban design solutions that improve quality of life. What does this mean? There are many things that must be done right to create a successful place. We begin by considering whom the residents and visitors will be within the community and identify their needs and wants. We then translate this to experience. Great experiences must feel authentic. The brand positioning and “story of the place” is an integral part of celebrating the history and heritage of the community. Appropriate retail and food and beverage offerings are the backdrop for these experiences and we consult with our clients’ leasing representatives to arrive at merchandising plans aimed at activating the district. We then identify public spaces – sidewalks, parks, plazas and gathering spaces to provide the canvas for the experiences. Our urban design solutions consider gatherings for events such as farmer’s markets, outdoor movies, art festivals, music events, children’s activities and other local events that will bring community together and offer unique and memorable experiences.

Every planning decision is critical. We contemplate outdoor dining areas for cafes and restaurants, site furnishing and amenities, public art, landscape and lighting, material selections and signage. We maximize storefront visibility, public open space, and convenience while minimizing the presence of service areas, electric equipment and off-street loading.  We create outdoor living spaces to promote social engagement and community activity. In the end the whole of place is greater than the sum of its parts.

Torti Gallas + Partners understands the role of buildings in the built environment. But as we consider our changing world, its rapid urbanization, and our limited disposable time, it is our job as stewards of our communities to not only create great buildings but to also create successful places our communities can be proud of and celebrate for generations to come.

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