Bursa Thermal Springs

Bursa, Turkey

Bursa Thermal Springs is a new town located on a Reservoir in the foothills of the Uludag Mountain. This new town will be rich with amenities; a Thermal Spa, Wellness Center and Clinics, Cultural facilities, Sports facilities and Stadiums, Equestrian Facilities, Championship Golf Course and Paddle Boats on the reservoir. Beyond the amenities, there are ample hotel rooms, rental extended stay resort homes and private residences. The site is in the mountains and centered on a reservoir located 500 meters above sea level. The reservoir is surrounded by high hills and mountains and offers excellent views not only into the lake, but to the north and the Sea of Marmara and east to the mountains and the Ski Resort. It is important for the development of this site not to sprawl but rather be located in discrete towns, villages, and hamlets. The development will be patterned after the most beautiful villages of historic Turkey which were built more compactly than much of what is built today.

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project data

2,420 residential units

28,800 sm of retail and restaurants

3,000 sm equestrian clubhouse including 50 horse stables

5,000 sm golf center featuring 150 acre 18 hole course and putting greens

10,000 sm aquatic center

10,000 sm volleyball and basketball center

8,000 sm tennis center

1,000 sm soccer practice center

500 sm clinic

2,000 sm spa

5,000 seat soccer stadium

2,000 parking spaces

4,000 sm of municipal services

farmers market

cable car station



Conceptual Architectural Design
Feasibility / Yield Analysis
Master Planning
Urban Design
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