Biscuit Run

Albemarle County, VA

Albemarle County is home to Charlottesville, the University of Virginia and Monticello. To protect its rural heritage and bucolic character, Albemarle County has adopted stringent growth area boundaries and a form-based code to direct new development.

The new town of Biscuit Run gets its name from the stream that bisects the property, and is a mixed-use development that contains neighborhood-oriented retail and services. Utilizing the principles of Traditional Neighborhood Design, Biscuit Run is designed with distinct neighborhoods that highlight and preserve the natural features of the property. The significant topography and the unique character of the land in the surrounding region are integrated into the urban design vision that will exceed the county’s Neighborhood Model Code requirements.

Neighborhoods, hamlets and pocket parks are nestled in the rolling topography connected by a pedestrian-friendly street network. A full compliment of pedestrian and equestrian trails will connect throughout Biscuit Run to a larger regional recreational system.

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390 net acres

3,500 residential units

150,000 sf retail space

11 acre elementary school

regional library

regional county park

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